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Total Smart Working

Consulting and learning for new ways of working

Smart Working is about making the most of technology to reduce costs, boost productivity, increase output, improve employee performance and motivation and make a positive impact on the environment and society.

It involves transforming working environments, business processes, working practices and management culture, keeping the organisation productive and competitive in a fast-changing market.


This website brings together learning and other resources to help organisations understand the concept of Smart Working, work out what it can deliver, design and implement a transformation programme and ensure ongoing success.

It includes tutorials, white papers, online learning resources and access to a network of peers and practitioners.

Getting around

The main sections are accessed through the menus:

  • Overview - brief introduction to the principles and benefits of Total Smart Working
  • Free tools - quick online tools that can be used to assess performance and test ideas
  • Learning modules - online learning for employees and managers with testing and accreditation
  • Master classes - in-house and public briefings from the experts in Smart Working
  • Workplace Audit - tools and methodologies for workplace analytics, consultation, evaluation and more
  • HOP Associates - other products and services from HOP Associates

The first online learning module: "An introduction to Smart Working" is available for free beta testing. Other modules are under HOP Associates is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

About us

We have been advising and helping organisations use technology to work more productively for over 20 years. Clients include leading private and public sector organisations in the UK and Europe.

Our products and services are increasingly delivered online, in the form of toolkits, audit processes and online learning. For clients we focus mainly on delivering the business benefits of Smart Working, as illustrated in the chart at the top of this page.

HOP Associates is the trading name of Procula Limited, registered in England as company 2640274.  "Total Smart Working" and "The Workplace Audit" are registered brand names. To get in touch please use the contact form or phone +44 1223 264485.

The figures below are taken from Workplace Audits.

About this site

This website is owned and operated by HOP Associates. Its purpose is to raise awareness of smart working amongst managers and employees and provide tools, learning and other resources to help them develop successful programmes and deliver benefits.

You can use the site freely, but please note that all the content is copyright.  If you would like to copy all or part of any content, please use the contact form.

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